Spacer Bar Options

  • Warm Edge Technology

Warm edge is a type of spacer bar that by definition, has a warm edge!  As opposed to standard aluminium bar which has a cold edge,  But what difference does that make, you ask?  In the home, varying conditions create moisture (see condensation page).  This moisture in the air, in the form of a vapour, travels looking for an exit.  When it reaches the window maintaining its vapourous state, it travels to the edge of the sealed unit near the frame,  the cold surface caused by aluminium bar around the perimeter of the unit, turns the vapour back into moisture (water) and the result is condensation around the edge.  Warm Edge technology has therefore been able to greatly reduce this natural process, by eliminating the presence of a cold edge.

  • Types of Warm Edge Spacer, used by Saxon Glass.
  • Super Spacer:- This is a flexible foam type product, that is used in most of our SLIMline units, it is also an ideal product for manufacturing shaped units.  Available to us in Black and White.
  • Swiss Spacer:-  This product is a man-made material similar to plastic with an aluminum foil backing.  Available to us in Black and White.


  • Standard Aluminium Spacer
  • This product is the tradtionally seen sealed unit spacer bar, avaialble in Sliver, White, Bronze, Gold & Black, still very widely used but does not achieve the same thermal efficients as warm edge, and therefore not able to achieve some of the higher energy ratings that may be required (see Energy Rating).