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Triple glazed Units

Key factors affecting window energy efficiency

Glazing materials

Low emissivity (low e) glass has a reflective surface to reflect heat back through the window. The low e coatings reflect between 40% to 70% of the heat that is normally transmitted through clear glass while allowing the full amount of light to pass through, This type of glass is now standard under the Building Regulations for most homes in the UK.

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Number of glazing layers
Double or triple glazed windows have insulating air or gas-filled spaces between each pane. Each layer of glass and gas resists heat flow and thus increases insulation.

Insulating gas used between glazing layers
Filling the cavity with argon is a more efficient insulating gas than air. Other high performance insulating gases used in window manufacture are krypton or xenon or a mixture of these gases can provide the required level of insulation, i.e. for an “A” band window.

Sizing of cavity
The size of cavity gap is also important, spaces which are too wide allow too much heat transfer, resulting in reduced insulation.


Advanced Integral magnetic blinds system

Saxon Glass Blinds are an advanced lifting and tilting magnetic systems for domestic and commercial applications. The slim and elegant Venetian blind is incorporated within the double glazed unit and then sealed, and thus will never get dirty or damaged and is completely maintenance free. The efficient mechanism allows you to easily control the lift and tilt of the blind with a sliding magnetic control. It is the perfect choice for conservatories, bathrooms, kitchens and all household windows. In an office they can be used for making office and meeting rooms private, for regulating glare or heat build-up and do not require cleaning or maintenance. With a lead time of 4 weeks the blinds are fitted within a customised white inner frame and are available in a colour range.