What is the Energy Surcharge?


  1. It is a separate charge which is related exclusively to the cost of energy introduced in November 2004.
  2. It is calculated using the IPE (International Petroleum Exchange) Brent Oil Price Index is the most public index in Europe, and the easiest value to check. and based on the cost per barrel in US $.
  3. It is reviewed quarterly on the 15th of January, April, July & October.
  4. Due to the influence of currency exchange rates, in July 2008, the 'Energy Surcharge' also become subject of an $/£ exchange rate factor.
  5. The exact 'Energy Surcharge is shown as a separate sub-total on each invoice.
  6. Further information is available at www.pilkington.co.uk/energysurcharge


How to work out the 'Energy Surcharge'


  • Work out the area of the glass by multiplying the width by the height: - e.g. 500 x 600 would be .500 x .600 giving an area of .30²mt.  Sizes over a meter e.g. 1500 x 1230 would be 1.500 x 1.230.


  • Multiply the area by the weight per ²mt of the glass, e.g. .30 x 20kilos = 6.00                 (see scale below for basic glass weights)


  • Multiply this by the energy surcharge e.g. .27p, 6.00 x .27p = £1.63


  • Therefore a unit measuring 500 x 600 would cost an additional £1.63 due to the energy Surcharge.

4mm Single Glaze: - 10 kilo's ²mt

4mm Sealed Unit: - 20 kilo's ²mt


6mm Single Glaze: - 15 kilo's ²mt

6mm Sealed Unit: - 30 kilo's ²mt